Waterproof vapour barrier



ALUVAPOR TENDER is an elastoplastomeric membrane realised with a compound having a –5°C cold flexibility and a special reinforcement consisting in a goffered aluminium foil with a 40 micron thickness, matched with a glass tissue.


Bituver Aluvapor_Tender

Key benefits

Vapour barrier
Base layer
Middle layer


  • Vapour permeability μ 670.000
  • Easily laid with torching
  • Insulation can be easily laid above the product
  • It does not need a further waterproofing layer (e.g. temporary one during the works)

Variants Details

  Reinforcement Thickness weight/m² m²/pallet
Aluvapor Tender Glass tissue + aluminium 2 kg 460
  Aluvapor Tender
Base layer X
Top layer  
Single layer  
Vapour control X