BITUMAT V 12 FORATO is a bituminous foil consisting in a pierced glass tissue reinforcement (holes diameter 40 mm) impregnated in oxidized bitumen and surfaced on both sides with finely granulated non-adherent mineral material.

Bituver Bitumat V10

Key benefits

Vapour management in flat roofs
Laying of membranes semi-independently in flat roofs


  • It allows the membranes to be laid semi-independently, reducing the tension on them in the presence of movements from the underlying structure and hence reducing the risks of joints detaching and corrugation
  • It creates a vapour flow layer, reducing the risk of condensation in the insulation and renders the ventilation vents more effective
  • It has reduced thickness

Variants Details

  Reinforcement Thickness weight/m² m²/pallet Roll dimensions
Bitumat V12 Forato Perforated glass tissue 1,2 kg 720 1 x 20 m