High performance mono-component paint, designed to cover walkable concrete, cement fibre, wooden, metal surfaces and, in particular, bitumen-polymer membranes, because, by covering and protecting them from UV rays, it prolongs their life.

The main benefit, compared to traditional protective paints, is the high reflectance and high emissivity, obtained thanks to the particular composition of the ceramic paint. This characteristic offers important benefits for summer living comfort and energy saving in buildings.

It is a watery dispersion based on special modified copolymers, inert fillers, colouring pigments, suspensive materials, thickeners and various additives.



Benefits for the user:

  • Reduction in the surface temperature of the roof
  • Reduction of summer air conditioning costs
  • Better living comfort, particularly for the top floor
  • Protection of the load bearing frames from day- night and seasonal temperature variations
  • Increase in the yield of the photovoltaic modules placed on the roof
  • Easy-to-apply solution
  • Economical solution among the “Cool Roofs”
  • Protection from UV rays and considerable lengthening of the waterproofing’s life


Benefits for the environment:

  • Reduction of the heat island effect and, consequently, the surrounding area’s temperature
  • Reduction in electricity consumption for air conditioning
  • Pleasant visual impact
Solar reflectance (R)** 
Thermal emissivity (E)** 
ASTM C1371
Solar Reflectance Index (SRI)**
ASTM E1980
hc= 5 W/(m² K) = 105%
hc=12 W/(m² K) = 104%
hc=30 W/(m² K) = 104%
** Test Report, Department of Mechanical and Civil Engineering EELab – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia