The BROOF (t2) fire retardant waterproofing membranes of the ELASTOMAT MINERAL TF family are made with BPE elastomeric compound).
Cold flexibility of –20°C

The reinforcement is made up of a polyester unwoven fabric reinforced with fibreglass.

The membrane is specifically developed to have outstanding reaction to fire.

ELASTOMAT MINERAL TF has BROOF (t2)fire performance classification on any type of substrate, even combustible, with volume mass no lower than 15 kg/m3, in accordance with standard UNI EN 13501-5, valid for risk assessment in accordance with the guide for installation of VV.F photovoltaic systems.
It is also available in the Californiaversion with white reflective slate*.

SRI medium wind 55 | Solar Reflectance 0.48

*EELab Dept. of Mechanical and Civil Engineering test report
Bituver Elsatomat Mineral TF

Key benefits

The ELASTOMAT MINERAL TF membranes are suitable for use as a finishing layer.



  • Use the PPE required by the law
  • Adequately clean the support
  • We always recommend preparing the support with bituminous primer Bituver ECOPRIVER
  • POLIMAT MINERAL TF is suitable for torch application by heating the lower coated surface of a special heat melt film with a propane gas torch
  • Always apply between +5°C and + 35°C


Store the rolls indoors, protected from sunlight and at a temperature no lower than +5°C. Keep the rolls in a vertical position. If possible, avoid stacking the pallets. We recommend using the product within 2-3 months from delivery.