Waterproofing liquid sheath suitable for pedestrian traffic. Fibre reinforced and ready for use.
Tested for water seal: level L4 with P4 load category*

* Test method “EOTA TR007, Resistance to static indentation”

Key benefits

Treadable surfaces
Construction covers in general
Foundation and earth retaining walls
Restoration of old waterproofing
Concrete terraces
Concrete container not intended to hold potable or aggressive water
Suitable for covering ceramic or marble flooring (after application of a coat of Elaver Plus as primer)


  • Superior resistance to pedestrian traffic and mechanical stress
  • Reduces the phenomenons of concrete carbonation
  • Long lasting waterproofing resistant to atmospheric agents and UV rays
  • Cold laying directly on the old bitumen sheets (without having to dismantle them)
  • Perfect adherence, suitable for complex construction details and resistant to micro cracks
  • Can be used both horizontally and vertically
  • Low maintenance, does not need additional protection
  • Also suitable for industrial area surfaces or surfaces in seaside areas
  • Odourless and non flammable product
  • Non toxic, solvent free product
Application must include at least two coats. Average total consumption is 1.5 – 2 kg/m² and may vary depending on the nature and porosity grade of the support and the thickness that you want to achieve.


Available in the following colours in 20 or 5 kg packaging:
  • ​White
  • Grey
  • Red