Base layer for the soundproofing of floating floors consisting in a high-weight glass wool roll matched with a reinforced bituminous membrane realized with a special compound.

The product is superficially covered with a polyethylene film and has a selvedge on one side and a self-adhesive band on the other side, in order to realize optimal junctions.

Fonas 2.8

Key benefits

Soundproofing of floors from impact noises (floating floors)


  • Δlnv = 24 dB
  • S’t = 12 MN/m³
  • S’ = 50 MN/m³
  • Easily laid thanks to the roll equipped with a membrane that protects against the screed
  • Adhesive selvedge for perfect join between the rolls
  • Excellent carriage and storage thanks to the roll’s limited size
  • High performances with reduced thickness
  • Adaptability to obstacles, pipes and corners
  • Reversibility of edges
  • Odourless and decay-proof

Technical Properties

DIMENSIONS Length Width Thickness Weight/m²
Fonas 2.8 20 m 1 m 2,8 mm 0,400 kg
Impact noise level Fonas 2.8
Under bare floor 73,5 dB
Under floor insulated with FONAS TEX 49,5 dB
Impact noise 24 dB1
1Test report carried out by Istituto Galileo Ferraris 

Dynamic rigidity Fonas 2.8
S’t 11 MN/m³
S’ 50 MN/m³B