Elastomeric waterproofing membranes obtained from distilled bitumen compounds modified with SBS elastomeric polymers covered with embossed pure copper foil (CU) or aluminium (AL) metallic foil.
BITUVER Isover Saint-Gobain is one of the leading European manufactures of this type of product.

Key benefits

High architectural value roofing, where metallic finishing is required
Waterproofing layers needing metallic barriers
Roofs where maintenance is difficult


  • High architectural value, even on surfaces with difficult shapes
  • Minimum maintenance requirements
  • Reflective power (aluminium)
  • Assistance from the Isover Saint-Gobain technical team where required, e.g. application on insulated roofing

Variants Details

Dimensions Reinforcement  Thickness weight/m² m²/pallet
Megaver AL TF 4,5 kg TV Glass fibre + Glass tissue 4,5 kg 230
Megaver CU 4,5 kg TV Glass fibre + Glass tissue 4,5 kg 230
  Megaver AL/CU
Base layer  
Top layer X
Single layer  
Vapour control  



  • the use of sheets with a maximum length of 5 m is recommended
  • prevent direct contact of the metal with the torch flame in order to avoid damages to the sheet or detachments
  • weld the sheets by mainly heating the underlying membrane
  • it is preferable to use membranes reinforced with glass sheet or composite polyester as a first seal layer
  • avoid site handling on the product, especially after torching
  • it is good rule to wear suitable wide sole and heelless footwear so as not to damage the metal sheet
  • use mechanical anchoring every 20 cm for slopes over 20%
  • if used on insulation, make use of MEGAVER AL TF, by preparing a vapour barrier under the insulation material and an adequate number of aerators
  • any application of MEGAVER CU on thermal insulation must be agreed in advance with the BITUVER Technical Service