MURODRY is specially designed for the waterproofing of foundations and earth retaining walls.

MURODRY is specially designed for the waterproofing of foundations and earth retaining walls, key works because of the complexity in the application and the difficulty of the remake of underground works.

MURODRY membranes are made with a specific elastoplastomeric compound with an addition of adhesion promoters that gives particular features to the product, especially in terms of their durability, their ability to adhere to the substrate and their specific weight.

The reinforcement is constituted by a high weight non-woven fabric of polyester strengthened with continuous filament that gives excellent performances in application and high mechanical strength in the operating life of the membrane. The finishing of MURODRY is in polyethylene on both the top and bottom faces. In this way, the user comfort is considerably higher than that which can be ensured with talc or sandblasted membranes.

Key benefits

Earth reatining walls


  • Very high adhesion
  • Lightness
  • High stability of the roll
  • Application comfort
  • Very long duration

Variants Details

Type Reinforcement Upper finishing Thickness *Weight/m² m²/pallet
Murodry 3 mm P Polyester Polyethylene 3 mm 2,8 kg 250
Murodry 4 mm P ​Polyester Polyethylene 4 mm 3,8 kg 230



  • Membranes have to be placed starting from the low part, in total adhesion, by torch flame
  • Every 3 meters in height, membranes have to be mechanically fixed to the surface, by appropriate washers and plugs
  • Mechanical fixing has to be completely covered with the membrane on the top, creating an overcome of at least 25 cm
  • The second layer of membranes have to be applied parallel to the first one, with a skew bigger than the width of junctions
  • The filler ground has to be placed being careful to the other planning details of the anti-humidity operation.