Bituver PRO-15 membranes are made with a special BPP elastoplastomeric compound.
Cold flexibility: -15°C
The reinforcement is made up of a high-weight polyester unwoven fabric with continuous strandreinforced in fibreglass.
The Bituver PRO-15 are specifically developed to meet the needs of specialised applicators, both during laying and throughout the life of the product.

Key benefits

The BITUVER PRO-15 membranes can be used on any type of covering.



  • Use the PPE required by the law
  • Adequately clean the support
  • We always recommend preparing the support with bituminous primer Bituver ECOPRIVER
  • The product is suitable for torch application by heating the lower coated surface of a special heat melt film with a propane gas torch
  • Always apply between +5°C and + 35°C


Store the rolls indoors, protected from sunlight and at a temperature no lower than +5°C. Keep the rolls in a vertical position. If possible, avoid stacking the pallets.We recommend using the product within 2-3 months from delivery.